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Yukthiyugam Monthly magazine is designed to reach a wide range of readers with thousands of Malayalees in the country and abroad comprising employees,entrepreneurs and professionals. This venture relies solely on voluntary effort and financial support by members and well-wishers. We request you to extend a helping hand by advertising through our monthly.

The advertisement rates are as follows:

  1. Back cover Page Rs: 10,000/-
  2. Front cover – inside Rs: 7,500/-
  3. Back cover – inside Rs: 7,500/-
  4. Inner page – full (colour) Rs: 5,000/-
  5. Inner page – full (B&W) Rs: 4,000/-
  6. Inner page – half (colour) Rs: 2,500/-
  7. IInner page – half (B&W) Rs:2,000/-
  8. Minimum Rs: 1,500/-

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